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Lets-start with the product, This recipe was designed by our Mom over 60 years ago it started in my moms kitchen and during the holidays she would pull out her cast iron skillet, she made this to send out as Christmas gifts and we were·not allowed to have any until that was done so growing up we would help sort the popcorn to remove the old maids (unpopped kernels).
We would watch her make the caramel and very carefully pour this extremely Hot gooey yummy stuff over the popcorn and gently stir as to not break up the popped corn we would get into trouble when she would see one of us a snitch a piece for she had it all accounted for , she would always have some for us tucked away now she is to frail to continue so we have taken her recipe and created a drive thru Caramel Corn & Popcorn truck . and have been able to share this old fashioned caramel corn locally , so at 85 years young we had the honors of our mom being able to make a long trip to see her recipe at· work so we put her on a milk crate so she could see inside the kettles and her ingredients turning into that same yummy goo. As our customers came to purchase our old fashioned caramel corn she sat on a cooler in the back no one knew she was there and as she wiped away her tears she would hear ….. this is the best caramel corn I have ever had , this is the best stuff ever and oh my it does not stick to my teeth or im so glad your here again my family just loves your caramel corn and I need some for my friend or my wife sent me to get some more. We had no words such a wonderful humble moment for us as a family .
We may not be well known or come from a big company BUT we do have an extremely yummy Old Fashioned Caramel Corn that we call and locally known as Caramel Pop it is made with the best of ingredients ,with no after taste, no MSG, & does not stick to your teeth its so yummy you will keep coming back for more you will be glad you did, from our family to yours ENJOY

Our Goal is to take our family caramel corn to the next level to be able to establish and grow an online business to take our current mobile drive thru popcorn vending wagon/ truck to a new level of service as well as local jobs to help make our current out of town customers an easier way to purchase our product and to establish new customers We are able to use TM on our bags and website our name The Cracker Box Caramel pop will be a trademark
We are FDA approved
We may want to add also that our Caramel corn is produced in a  facility that handles dairy, & soy, but no nuts, gluten free.
On a local level We have a different monthly cotton candy such as
Banana split, lime in the coconut, choc covered cherry, or strawberry, Cherry or strawberry lemonaid Lime ricky, strawberry shortcake and much more Local Popcorn flavors

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